[Tweeters] Citrine Wagtail Update

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 16:42:32 PST 2013

Hi Everybody,

The Routledges, who first found the Citrine Wagtail last November, asked me to post the below information to Tweeters so that we will all have access to updated CIWA sightings.

Carol Riddell

Hello Fellow Bird Watchers,Ornithologists & "Twitchers",
Just a note for those who may be planning a visit to the area to see this rare bird, Adel and I found on Nov:14th 2012. It's still there? Same location, same access etc.

Tuesday Jan:1st - Seen - (In nearby field.Reported by Nathen Hentze on BCVIBIRDS)
Wens: Jan:2nd - Seen -(Usual location at 3:15pm by the Routledges,David Ingram etc.)
Thurs:Jan:3rd - Seen - (Reported by Wayne Weber of Vancouver)
Fri: Jan:4th - NOT Seen
Sat;Jan:5th - NOT Seen (Windy conditions this day)
Sun;Jan 6th - Seen - (Reported by Ken ? of Calgary,Alberta)
Mon:Jan 7th - NOT Seen
Tues:Jan 8th - NOT Seen
Wen:Jan 9th - Seen - (Reported by an Oregon bird watcher,a second hand report only)
Thurs:Jan:10th - NOT Seen -(A very windy,cold but sunny day.Ice on puddles.For 3hrs)
Fri;Jan:11th - NOT Seen - (Again a very cold night -5c,frost and ice on all puddles.3hrs)

There is still a lot of interest in the CITRINE WAGTAIL with many visitors from various parts of N.America arriving,and showing great interest in this unique Eurasian visitor.
We shall attempt to keep track of the bird for as long as possible,if we can.But with the
winter weather conditions and its feeding areas also changing,this maybe challenging.
Any additions or corrections are always useful. And any new sightings,or NOT,
by anyone, please post them on BCVIBIRDS at YAHOOGROUPS.COM as we do, and as soon as possible. We Thank you, and to all those who report their findings.


David & Adel Routledge,
Comox Valley,
Vancouver Island,
British Columbia,

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