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Over the last 40 plus years, I've birded Point Roberts probably more often
than anyone else, and it's still one of my favorite birding areas.
Lighthouse Marine Park and Lily Point Park (which is quite new as a park)
are both excellent birding areas for marine birds, but a scope is essential.
The Lily Point area is also excellent for forest birds. Monument Park,
however, is very small and it's hard to see the water from there (view
blocked by trees).

I am usually able to find 50 or more species almost any time of year if I
spend 4 hours or more at Point Roberts. I always include Lighthouse Marine
Park and Lily Point in my route. Other places worth visiting include the
parking lot of the Breakers tavern (W end of Gulf Road), with a good view of
waters to the west; the fields between Lighthouse Marine Park and the
marina, which are good for birds of prey, Killdeer, snipe, and various
songbirds; the beach just east of the marina (there is public access-you can
park at the marina restaurant); and the wooded areas and brush north of the
Point Roberts primary school (off Benson Road).

Good luck!

Wayne Weber

Delta, BC

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I'm considering checking out Point Roberts for birding next week. Can
anyone tell me whether it's worthwhile to check out Monument Park,
Lighthouse Marine Park, or Lily Point Park? Or recommend other spots?

Scott Warner

Brier WA

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