[Tweeters] Camas Tufted Duck --- he's BACK !!!

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Thu Jan 10 19:20:47 PST 2013

hi all ... for the 2nd year there is a Tufted Duck in the slough next
to Round Lake in Camas, Washington ... Bill Johnson (who found the
Tufted last year) told me today that once again there was a Tufted
Duck in the same spot as last year ... so I went out to see him this
afternnoon ... the duck is on the slough called "Mill Pond" on the
west side of Round Lake ... Round Lake is on the southeast side of
the larger and better known Lacamas Lake ... both lakes are north of
Camas, Washington ... Bill said this year he spotted the Tufted just
before Christmas ... last year he first spotted the Tufted Duck in
early January ... the duck is hanging out with some Ring-necked Ducks
... it is a hit/or/miss chance of finding the flock as they do fly
around, so keep trying ...

Tufted Duck pix taken today in really overcast weather in a shaded
slough just before the drizzle started ...

location map of Round Lake ...

location map of Tufted Duck at Round Lake ...

BTW, this afternoon the flock was on the slough after crossing the spillway ...

good luck,
Vancouver, Washington

Lyn Topinka

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