[Tweeters] Nisqually NWR 1/9/13

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Wed Jan 9 15:50:29 PST 2013


Today 16 of us enjoyed a morning at Nisqually that started out cold and
rainy. The rain quit early but a NORTHERN SHRIKE didn't. We first saw the
SHRIKE near the twin barns turnoff and it stayed in the area posing for us for
a good half hour or so. For some reason there weren't any sparrows in the

Other highlights included several (many?) BALD EAGLES and lots of GREAT
BLUE HERON. Shep, Matt and JC went out to the twin bards about 7:00 and
spooked 2 BARN OWLS who then flew into the owl boxes on the north barn. We
couldn't spot them later so they rested inside the barn. Hope the manage to
elude the GREAT HORNED OWLS that should be nesting nearby.

We had a 14.3 tide at 2:29 Pm so the water levels were down in the
reclamation area and McAllister Creek. Over 2000 CACKLING GEESE flew off the
refuge about 8:00 AM and we picked up a few CANADA GEESE doing the same.
Waterfowl numbers were down as were passerines. With the break in the rain I
thought there would be much feeding activity but I guess the wind and the
number of raptors kept thing hunkered down.

We did manage to see both CHICKADEES, both KINGLETS and BROWN CREEPERS as
well VARIED THRUSH, FOX SPARROW, TOWHEE, and JUNCO, but not many of any of

PEREGRINE FALCON. An EAGLE caught something and flew off into the woods with
several other EAGLES in hot pursuit. One of the NORTHER HARRIERS appeared
to be eating a STARLING.

For the day I had 43 species and have 50 for the year.

Mammals seen included a MUSKRAT, HARBOR SEAL, and 2 BLACK-TAILED DEER
does, each with a fawn feeding in the same area.

Until next week when we will conduct our monthly survey.....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 @aol.com
Lacey, WA

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