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another place they used to be consistently-seen was kenmore's tracy owen
station - logjam park, though i have to admit rarely in numbers larger than
six at a time... were any found there this year?

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

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> Matt Bartels noted in his synopsis of the Seattle CBC:

> "Notable misses: Ruddy Duck (continuing a long-running decline)....."


> It was likewise a low count for Ruddy Ducks on the Eastside CBC and remain

> tough to find in most areas. However, one flock apparently missed (or

> undercounted) were those currently wintering on Phantom Lake (Lake Hills

> Greenbelt - Bellevue) which has been gradually growing and always

> dependable, usually in a sleeping raft it seems, just south of the west end

> observation deck (156th Ave SE parking lot) and now numbers an even 40.

> Ruddy Ducks have been there on Phantom Lake all along since early October.


> Richard Rowlett

> Bellevue (Eastgate), WA


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