[Tweeters] Thick-billed Murres in Port Angeles Harbor

Dave Jackson djackson at wavecable.com
Sun Jan 6 14:44:56 PST 2013

I was watching a nearby Thick-billed Murre in my scope at 12:30 p.m.
today (Sunday), when a second one surfaced near it -- just off the boat
ramp adjacent to the Coast Guard station at the end of Ediz Hook. A few
seconds later the pair dove together, not to be seen again. Two solitary
Common Murres were further out. A half hour earlier, my wife may have
seen a single Thick-billed Murre on the mainland side of the harbor,
near the city pier. So there are at least two, and possibly three,
Thick-billed Murres hanging around PA Harbor.

Dave Jackson
Sequim, WA
djackson at wavecable.com

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