[Tweeters] Spokane County Owl

Ron McCluskey rmcclsky at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 6 11:54:44 PST 2013

My 21 y/o daughter reported to me that an owl flew by about 3 feet from her bedroom window yesterday. She described it as gray with a white face. When shown pictures of the Great-horned Owl that I normally see on our place, she said no. I then showed her an immature Snowy Owl and she said, "That's it!"

I've not been able to verify.

We have 40 acres about half way between Cheney and Medical Lake.

She and my wife both saw an owl carrying a rabbit on our place Friday about sundown but were unable to give a good description of it.

Ron McCluskey
rmcclsky at mindspringdotcom

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