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Hey All

I saw the same bird two days ago I thought it was Red-Tailed judging by the streaking of the head. Although the body, breast and underwing all appear characteristic of red shouldered. Underwing had no patagial bars and had cream colored. I have seen red shouldered before at Ridgefield NWR and felt that the size and shape was appropriate. It was much smaller and compact than a red tailed hawk. I second guessed myself though! I was going to send the pic out for identification but I had a lot more doubt in my mind that it was a red shouldered and more confidence it was a red tailed.

The bird flew off when a red tailed obvious threatened the bird and called,motioning to dive at the bird aggressively. There were two crescents on the back of the wings near the wrist and no red-tailed hawk like back pack straps on the birds back. I will send pics. I second the identification of red-shouldered.

I was at the popoff trail with my girlfriend before that and bumped into Luke Safford and the gang on the weekly walk so they can vouch for my presence in the area ; )

Kevin Black

Richland, WA

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I'd like help identifying a raptor I photographed near Yakima yesterday. I've only been birding avidly for the last year. It doesn't appear to be one of the local usual suspects, and a local falconer friend said it appears to be a Red-shouldered Hawk. That doesn't appear to be expected here. I can't find any eBird records of it nearby.
I've posted digiscoped photos of it in the "Identification help wanted" image gallery on my website:


If that doesn't work for you, you can go to
click on "image galleries"
click on "Identification help wanted"

If it is a rarity, and you re-locate & photograph it, I'd appreciate any photos of it you could provide to me, and would appreciate attribution for locating it to myself & John Hebert.

Kevin Lucas
Yakima, WA
vikingcove at gmail.com<mailto:vikingcove at gmail.com>

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