[Tweeters] Clarification on My Burrowing Owl Post

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Jan 3 13:50:41 PST 2013

Upon re-reading I hope my comments were not
misconstrued. Even though I have received a
number of offline appreciative comments, I want
it to be clear that I was not intending to
challenge anything else written or said.
Certainly not a rant. Just encouraging everyone
to stay to facts and not rumors and to enjoy the
experience even with misses for birds we really
wanted to see. The facts I wanted to be clear
were that nobody had seen the Owl on Wednesday
from just after dawn onwards so if it moved on its
own or was scared off, it happened on Tuesday.
And from reports I got, there were MANY people who
were pretty close to the owl that day. Maybe
finally there was one too many or one too close.

Most of us like to think of ourselves as
environmentally supportive and considerate of
birds and birds. I profess however to a fair
amount of guilt for all of the fossil fuels I
burned this year running all over the state to
find one more bird to "count". And I wonder how
much unintended disturbance the many birders MAY
have caused at spots where we gathered to see or
try to see that special bird that we would not
even have known about were it not for Ebird,
Tweeters, birdyak, Inland-Birders etc. I am
thinking for example of the 20 of us gathered at
Oak Creek Canyon at one time looking for the
Chestnut Sided Warbler (that eluded me but was
seen - and enjoyed- by many). I just hope that my
zeal to find some of the "needed" birds did not
disturb some of those "regular birds" on their
home turf that in truth are just as wonderful as
all of the rarities that miraculously appear.

Bird well everyone...

Blair Bernson

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