[Tweeters] Everett Burrowing Owl

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Thu Jan 3 09:54:21 PST 2013

New Years Day I took my wife down the hill to see the Burrowing Owl, which was conveniently located in my "ten minute circle"; about as long as I'll drive to see an out-of-place bird.

There it was, surrounded by birders, most at a fairly discreet distance, but one fellow was sort of breathing down the owls neck. With his exceedingly honkin lens I would imagine the birds iris might fill up the whole screen. At the time however, the owl appeared to be snoozing, or possibly willing everyone away with it's eyes closed, mostly.

I rarely witness such events since I rarely go to popular bird spots, especially on weekends. My wife however, a non-birder, had never witnessed such a birding event and was appalled with this one guy's behavior. I couldn't help notice that she was starting to swell up- remarkably like a stressed owl- and was starting to get that bartender look on her face that precedes her kicking some jerk out of the Anchor Pub. So I was thinking "time to get away from here now! before she blasts this dude" so we left. I considered that decision to be my first contribution toward world peace for the year. Of course, my wife is smart enough to know that making any blow up in such a scene, would be worse for the bird than what it was dealing with already. But still....

Thinking about it later, the Burrowing Owl might of been my FOY bird for 2013, since I wasn't really paying attention to other birds on the 5 minute drive from out house. Except for one detail - we at the Anchor Pub Center for Faith-based Astronomy, consider the new year to begin right after the Solstice. Oh well.

Jeff Gibson
Everett Wa

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