[Tweeters] 1-1-13: Tramp Harbor, Vashon Island- Yellow-billed Loon, no; "Boobies" yes!

Chazz Hesselein chazz at hesselein.com
Tue Jan 1 16:38:42 PST 2013

Spent several hours in brisk conditions searching for my first
Yellow-billed Loon at Tramp Harbor on Vashon Island. Saw one bird that
looked good but was too far away to call. The highlight of the day came
as I was about to leave. A group of folks came up, wished me, "Happy
New Year," then asked me if I would mind if they did their annual nude
polar bear jump off the pier. Not being a party pooper, I thought that
would be a fine idea... and I thought I was cold.

May your 2013 be full of great birds and wonderful surprises!

Happy New Year all!

Chazz Hesselein
Port Orchard, WA

PS Check the Vashon Island Audubon Facebook page for documentation of
today's sighting, if you dare.

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