Does anyone have photos of the Slaty-backed gull?--Re: [Tweeters] Tacoma Slaty-backed Gull - Finally!

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Hello all and happy New Year.,

i would like to see photos of this and other Slaty-backed gulls from WA state. Thanks in advance for any you send to me.

I am trying to expand my knowledge of gull identification this year.

Dan Reiff

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I expected the Citrine Wagtail to be my last life bird of 2012, but this morning decided to drive to Tacoma for one last attempt to see the Slaty-backed Gull. I'd hate to reveal how many times I have tried for this life bird since mid-October, so I won't. But it was on the gray roof of the dark green metal building when I arrived at Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands at 12:30 pm. By one o'clock it flew off. I have often wondered if I would recognize it in the field. Just how dark would the mantle and wings appear to my eye? Would I know the bird when I saw it or would it be a wish-identification? It truly is a dark slate, so it is an apt common name for this gull. I got good looks at the lightly streaked head, the line/smudge through the eye, and the light eye.

I realize, from reading daily eBird reports, that the Slaty-backed continues to be seen on a fairly regular basis. But as there have been few continuing reports on Tweeters, I thought it made sense to post it for those who do not post to eBird or read its daily alerts.

Happy New Year,

Carol Riddell

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