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Here are my best photos of a great trip to Eide, Thomle and Boe Rds Sunday, Dec. 30. Most are Bubo booboos, but some are nice and the experience (a long time spent walking the Boe/Thomle/western dike) was fab !!! No hunters when we were there - about 8 people were intermittently encountered - some had seen 7 Snowies - I saw 5 or 6. By the time I got out to the prime viewing areas, it was getting dark and the SNOW had started moving around, getting into position for some hunting. Some folks ("Owl Boy" and his parents, from the Volunteer Pk. Snowy release by Sarvey) said they had seen a Snowie eating a Snow Goose on a previous trip up there and that afternoon, they saw some wing parts of a goose. Do Snowy Owls kill and drop healthy, adult Snow Geese? I was thinking maybe they go for the injured ones (from hunters and such), but couldn't quite feature a Snowy dropping a robust goose. Anyone know?

One set of pics is of some of the usual wonderful birds at the Eide Rd. site and some swarming Snow Geese from down Boe Rd. way. The other set is entirely the SNOW I saw from up on the dike that runs N-S next to the Boe/Thomle fields.

Thanks to Kurt, Marianne, Dory, Ray, Nancy, David, Marlin, the 2 gals and their dog, a few big-lens photogs, and Ambre, Chris and Loren, for all of your help, sightings and pleasant interaction on a WOWSER of an afternoon (even the weather was good - cloudy with sun breaks, no rain and not even a noticeable breeze after 3 p.m. ! Just a bit chilly (at the Stilly? :-))

http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDrw4NQ - link to "Some Regulars at the Stilly Flats" - 12/30/12

http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDrx5ow - link to "Boe Bubos" - 12/30/12

Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle

barbdeihl at comcast.net

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