[Tweeters] Ridgefield River S closed Tuesday morning

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Tue Jan 1 00:24:52 PST 2013

With snow, some melt, and 20s expected in the morning the River S Unit will
be closed until there is enough thaw to offer safe passage across the Lake
River bridge and no icy condition at the bottom of the hill. My guess is
opening by noon, maybe late morning. With a moon up there were lots of
Great Horned Owls talking this evening.

Sunday the Ross's Goose was seen again on Bachelor Island, with possibly a
second bird in the big flock of cacklers that seems to cross the Columbia
River to Sauvie Island. I was on Bachelor Island all day looking at lots of
geese and didn't see it fly in until after 1 pm. Also at least 7
Red-throated Loons seen late afternoon, all on the OR side of the river.
Interesting was watching 3 Dunlin floating down the river on a log. There
were about 150 huddled on stationary pilings and whatever they could find in
the river, and some was not stationary.

Happy New Year all! Time to start new lists. I still have my "to do" list
from two years ago. Unfortunately there are too many birds to find to make
a dent on that list.

Randy Hill


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