[Tweeters] Citrine Wagtail update - no show again

Denis DeSilvis avnacrs4birds at outlook.com
Wed Feb 27 19:01:15 PST 2013

When I arrived just before 10am at the "usual" place, three birders had already been there for a couple of hours, with no luck. The slash piles were much reduced, and the excavator operator was consolidating what remained into two piles. This consolidation stopped at about 1130, and the operator took the equipment to the far side of the field. (The weather was pretty nice - with partly sunny skies and little wind.)

Woody, a birder from California, had already been to the site up toward Comox and found nothing but a bunch of mallards. He took off, leaving Damion and Lynn, both from the Abbotsford area, and me to carry on. They both left just after noon to look for the Yellow-billed Loon, which they didn't find. They did find other loon species, Long-tailed Ducks etc. I stood sentry duty near the two-plank bridge, patrolling up and down the path until the heavy equipment and the fire starter returned at 1:30. By then, water was spitting from the sky, and the temp was dropping.

The two stalwarts from Abbotsford returned, and we kept watch for another hour, at which time Damion and Lynn left to catch the ferry. I remained until just after 4pm, when the cold started getting to me. No show again by the wagtail.

It looks as if the slash burners are finished in this part of the field, and that they'll be working further north tomorrow, which will put them quite a ways from where the wagtail had been found previously.

The excavator tracks tore up the mud, oops, field quite a bit in the areas that had the slash piles. About two dozen Mew Gulls and several Glaucous-winged Gulls found this to be a bonanza of invertebrates, and they followed the excavator and worked the area all afternoon. About 2000 American Wigeon, passed overhead in early afternoon, and Bald Eagles seemed to be over the field nearly all the time. A couple if Common Ravens put on aerobatic displays twice.

One more morning of trying to find this now-elusive Citrine Wagtail remains for me before I head back to Roy. I know birder friends are wishing me luck and I hope tomorrow is my lucky day.

May all your birds be identified,
Denis DeSilvis
avnacrs4birds at outlook.com

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