[Tweeters] Sniping at the Fill

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Feb 27 09:16:36 PST 2013

Yesterday around 1:30 I stopped at the Fill before
a Doctor's appointment for a quick look at Kern's
Restoration Pond to see if I could locate the
Swamp Sparrow Connie Sidles reported. Almost
immediately when I got to the top of the pond, I
heard the bird off towards the slough. It sang
and called a couple of times. I could not get him
to come out into the open as it skulked deep in
the brush. I approached a little closer and it
flew off to the brush on the east side of the Pond
and I could not relocate it. I followed every
"call note" that sounded at all similar and came
up with many Song Sparrows and Yellow Rumped
Warblers. Did not relocate the sparrow. However...

As I moved to the southeast end of the Pond I
flushed at first two and then two more and then
another Wilson's Snipe. 5 in total...none seen on
the ground in the clumps adjacent to the Pond.
Completely startled me and my heart raced in
response. I wonder if that is the spike that
showed on my EKG later... I always especially
enjoy these birds in flight...never seem able to
keep a straight line for more than a short stretch
and then they swerve left or right in a burst and
then repeat.

Blair Bernson

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