[Tweeters] EXTREMELY leucistic robin, North Seattle

Josh Hayes josh.hayes at q.com
Mon Feb 25 12:34:32 PST 2013

A couple of days ago during my dog walk I saw a white bird amid a small
flock of robins; quite exciting, really. I mean, what robin-sized white
birds are there in this area this time of year (or indeed, ANY time of

It turned out to be a nearly-albino robin. Disappointing, on the one hand,
but extremely cool, on the other. Just the faintest darkening on some of the
flank feathers, and a barely detectable rosy flush on the breast. Otherwise,
it was white. I saw it the first time Friday, near the pond at the south end
of Licton Springs Park, and again yesterday on the northeast side, but
robins around here seem to be quite mobile, so anyone in the north end ought
to keep an eye open for it.


Josh Hayes in Licton Springs, Seattle

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