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Liz Hemberry lizhemberry at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 24 07:16:04 PST 2013

Went up to the Waterville Plateau yesterday and north to Cameron Lake Rd. Surprised to see W Meadowlark on the Plateau this early. Recorded 11 birds of prey in total: Bald eagle, RT hawk, RL Hawk, N Harrier, GH Owl on N Division above Ferry Canyon, Saw Whet at B Port SP, Snowy Owl about 7.5 miles up the road on left side, SS Hawk scattering B Waxwings at B Port SP, Kestrel, Gyrfalcon: Plateau, Sprauer Rd (8 NW) about 2 miles W of Lamoine, Peregrine: same road about 2 miles east of Lamoine. Ken Hemberry Leavenworth

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