[Tweeters] A different Iceland Gull in Clarkston

Mike Clarke redeyegravy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 19:19:49 PST 2013

I too was at Swallows Park this a.m. hoping to find Terry Gray's Iceland
Gull or another gull of interest.
As I was scanning a group of gulls at the south end of the park, this pale
bird flew in and I immediately noticed
the very pale primaries. The bird was essentially California Gull sized
with relatively small, dark bill.


I presume this to be a first-cycle Iceland/Kumlien's Gull, but like the
rest of us "inlanders",
I am open to and encourage critiques.

Other birds of note today included a Golden-crowned Sparrow at Chief
Timothy State Park,
two flocks of Wild Turkeys and a Short-eared Owl on Peola Rd. (just inside
Garfield Co.), male Eurasian
Wigeons on both the Clarkston and Lewiston sides of the Snake, and a
Short-eared Owl (possibly two) at
Mann Lake.

Mike Clarke
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