[Tweeters] Interesting Clarkston Gull (Likely Iceland Gull)

Keith Carlson kec201814 at cableone.net
Fri Feb 22 16:10:38 PST 2013

This afternoon ( 1350-1425), Don Gayman and I observed what is most likely the gull seen late last week and again early this week by Dale Toweill, Terry Gray and Kirsten Dahl at Swallows Park.
It was first ID'd as a Glaucous and later as an Iceland Gull.

Don and I watched and photographed it on this cloudy, lightly raining afternnon.
It is an adult bird as determined by the yellow bill with red/orange mark.
It was amidst a number of adult California Gulls for a nice size comparison, our bird is perhaps very slightly larger.
The bill is not massive and the head is rounded and barely streaked
The mantle is pale gray, wingtips have gray (not black) markings and extend well beyond the tail.
The legs are a dirty pink, the feet clearly pink.



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Keith E. Carlson

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