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Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Fri Feb 22 15:22:04 PST 2013

The Great Horned Owl parts of the BirdNote preview email I got this morning, really perked me up on this blustery, damp, still-winter day, so I 'm sharing the opportunity with you. The "Sights & Sounds" section, not only features some of the marvelous GHOW photos of one of our extraordinary, local bird photographers, Gregg Thompson, but a link to 14 previous BirdNote segments that have to do with GHOW nesting, vocalizations, and other intriguing information. The link can be found in the caption that accompanies Gregg's featured photos. This all reminds me that, not only do we have reason to emerge from our cozy shelters to see and hear what is out in our 'neck of the woods', but we have reason to celebrate this wonderful resource BirdNote, which has been evolving into an amazing resource for all birders. There is always a chance to pick up something new and interesting, and to treat our senses on any day, to a spot of beauty, in a variety of ways. Kudos to the staff and volunteers who participate in and continue to improve this multifaceted educational jewel. The inclusion of so many of our talented and knowledgeable "locals" in different aspects of this program certainly adds to it's gem-quality and particular attraction for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

Here's a link to today's BirdNote preview of next week's programs:


The only 'kickback' I receive for this little promotion is the knowledge that some of you may also benefit positively from this post... :-)


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