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Don Wallace don at picturebookpublishing.com
Wed Feb 20 15:39:27 PST 2013

I have posted more stories of birds talking of themselves.

https://www. facebook. com/DonnieDipper sFeatheredFriend s

I have added the G.B. Heron, Northern Harrier, and the Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

This type of educational fun is better than letting a child hold a wild bird as if it were a pet.
Here is a quote from my page from a grandmother. .."Thank you for the link to this wonderful birder in UK. What a wealth of information. Will love to read his diary entries on the dipper. I am not a birder but coming to love and appreciate birds more and more. I shared your work with a grandson this week-end."

This has started two generations, into the world of birding, without ever harming a bird. Only using fun, silly educational stories.
The quote is off my other page. https://www. facebook. com/donnie. dipper

This should be the way to teach our young, not by capture and using the birds as a sideshow act and calling it research. It is amazing how much abuse I have found in less than one year. Thousands of birds died in 2012, at the hands of just a few people, and that is very sad.

Don Wallace
don at e-picturebookdesigners.com

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