[Tweeters] RE: wolves in okanogan

Kenneth Brown kennethwbrown at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 22 10:14:07 PST 2013

Three or four years ago 2 in our group saw 2 wolves near Nealy rd. aboveHavillah. I doubted them, even though they had both seen wolves before. At that time none had been reported in the highlands. I saw a subsequent reportthat indeed a small pack had spread to the area.I ask Gary Eagle about the status of wolves now in the highlands. He stated a couplewere eliminated due to cattle deaths , he knew of none now. We had howling coyotes at Bridgeport s.p. 1 on Waterville Plateau and 1 aboveHavillah. Ken Brownkennethwbrown at hotmail.comPort Orchard

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