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The Bald Eagle pair in our cul-de-sac the past few years, worked off an on building what was referred to as a courtship nest. Eventually, they started taking material from the used best, finished up the newer nest, and are using it for the second year. The other site is still in great condition, but the new one is in a cottonwood in a parking area, rather than a Douglas Fir, on a street corner.
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> I noticed a few months ago that the Bald Eagles that nest above the Maplewood golf course begun building a new nest on the south side of SR-169 (Renton-Maple Valley highway). It is now complete and I think that I observed an adult in the nest today while driving by. I am assuming that the nest on the hillside that they've used for years either fell down or is undesirable. I'll have to check it out the next time I golf there. The new nest is right along the river next to a condo development. Lucky residents!


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