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Might be wise to add jumper cables to the list.

Randy Hill

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Hi Tweets,

It may be less important for birders who do winter trips in convoys but many
of us head out alone. Blair Bernson mentioned in his earlier post the tow
strap I carry in my car. A tow strap is some of the cheapest insurance you
can carry in your vehicle. It has happened to me, as it did to Blair. You
pull over just a bit on a snowy road and your passenger tires end up in soft
snow. The humbling and valuable lesson is that all-wheel drive vehicles are
not all-terrain vehicles.
They get stuck and those passenger side tires just dig in. A tow strap
allows the first vehicle that comes along to pop you out very quickly.
Many cell phones do not have coverage in many of the areas where we bird in
winter. So AAA or other towing insurance plans can't come to your rescue.
I've had my tow strap for a number of years and it has been used four times.
They cost $20-$30 at auto supply stores.
Seriously consider adding one to your winter tool kit of de-icer/ice
scraper, good flashlight with new batteries, snow shovel, water, chains, and
a sleeping bag (could be a while before that savior vehicle comes along).
These modest supplies can make the difference between minor inconvenience
and major trip disruption.

Safe winter birding,

Carol Riddell
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