[Tweeters] Article about Pribilof Island Rock Sandpipers that winter in Upper Cook Inlet

Vicki King vkbirder at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:28:36 PST 2013

A friend from Anchorage sent me a very interesting article about Rock
Sandpipers that winter in upper Cook Inlet; it appeared in the local
newspaper on February 10. A biologist with the US Geological Survey is
quoted as saying that it is "far and away the coldest non-breeding site in
the world regularly used by shorebirds in the winter." The article reports
research results on how the shorebirds are able to winter successfully in
such harsh conditions. It is available at

This subspecies gets its name from its breeding grounds in the Pribilofs
and several uninhabited islands about 750 miles west of Anchorage, far out
in the Bering Sea.

Vicki King
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