[Tweeters] Spencer Island/Sewage Treatment Plant?

barry levineb at fastmail.fm
Tue Feb 19 16:20:21 PST 2013

Aside from yesterday's post about Crossbills, it's been a while since
I've seen any posts about Spencer Island/ Everett Sewage Treatment
Plant. As I pass by there on the freeway heading north, I can't help
wonder how often is that area birded. Given the advance hype that
preceded the opening of the area years ago, it seems like a place that
has recently been (I hate to use the dubious term) under-birded?
Breaching the dikes made it somewhat less enticing and the flooding that
wiped out the trail a few years back probably also didn't help. Can the
Tweeters who do bird there fill the rest of us in on the present status?
All the best.
barry levine
levineb at fastmail.fm

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