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The Horned Lark subspecies at JBLM is the Streak Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris strigata). This taxon is currently proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act. You can read more (http://www.fws.gov/wafwo/TCB_SHLcrithab.html). Proposed critical habitat for this species can be found on JBLM but there are several other sites where the species can be more readily observed. I know that in Oregon I regularly encounter the species at Baskett Slough NWR just west of Salem, Oregon.


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OK, here's another subspecies question. On the WOS fieldtrip to the Okanogan & Waterville Plateau over the weekend, we saw at least two very different subspecies of Horned Lark, one with yellow throat and another with white or extremely pale throat. I believe the white-throated one is Eremophila alpestris arcticola from northwest Canada & Alaska but what about the yellow-throated one? Shep Thorp believes it to be Eremophila alpestris alpina and according to Wahl et al., _ Birds of Washington _, the type locality for this subspecies is Skamania County. Thus, I'm not sure that this is the subspecies we saw on the Waterville Plateau so I'm asking for assistance. Here is a list of the 21 subspecies of Horned Lark known in North America. I can find little information on most of these subspecies. Does anyone have any other info that is more illuminating?

Eremophila alpestris actia (Oberholser, 1902)Eremophila alpestris adusta (Dwight, 1890)Eremophila alpestris alpestris (Linnaeus, 1758)Eremophila alpestris alpina (Jewett, 1943)
Eremophila alpestris ammophila (Oberholser, 1902)Eremophila alpestris arcticola (Oberholser, 1902)Eremophila alpestris enertera (Oberholser, 1907)Eremophila alpestris enthymia (Oberholser, 1902)
Eremophila alpestris giraudi (Henshaw, 1884)Eremophila alpestris hoyti (Bishop, 1896)Eremophila alpestris insularis (Dwight, 1890)Eremophila alpestris lamprochroma (Oberholser, 1932)
Eremophila alpestris leucansiptila (Oberholser, 1902)Eremophila alpestris leucolaema Coues, 1874Eremophila alpestris merrilli (Dwight, 1890)Eremophila alpestris occidentalis (McCall, 1851)
Eremophila alpestris praticola (Henshaw, 1884)Eremophila alpestris rubea (Henshaw, 1884)Eremophila alpestris sierrae (Oberholser, 1920)Eremophila alpestris strigata (Henshaw, 1884)
Eremophila alpestris utahensis (Behle, 1938)Eremophila bilopha (Temminck, 1823)
Lastly, here is a recent eBird report from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM):

Horned Lark (Western rufous Group) - Pierce Co. - 19 Feb2 Horned Lark (Western rufous Group) was observed at a personal location on 19 Feb, 2013
By "Western rufous Group", would that make the subspecies E. a. rubea? Does anyone know for sure what Horned Lark subspecies is found on the JBLM and how one would go about obtaining permission (permit) to see these birds on the base?

Sorry for being so long-winded. Thanks.
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