SPAM ALERT: WAS: Re: [Tweeters] Phil Kelley

Marc Hoffman tweeters at
Sat Feb 16 17:56:57 PST 2013

Don't click on this. It's spam, maybe even malicious. I've inserted
spaces in the URL below just to make sure you don't accidentally click on it.

Scrubjay323, you may have some sort of mailbot infection on your
computer, or someone may have hacked your AOL account. You may wish
to change your password and run a virus scan on your computer. Or
they may just be spoofing your AOL address, in which case there's
nothing you can do.

--Marc Hoffman
Kirkland, WA
tweeters at dartfrogmedia dot com

At 07:49 AM 2/16/2013, scrubjay323 at wrote:


>a n . c o m / w p - c o n t e n t / t

>hemes/default/images/selftrip.php?wporqvdn -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Phil Kelley


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