[Tweeters] former snowyplover signs at damon point

susan nett docnett at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 16 12:19:31 PST 2013

Thank you for your answer - I knew we had seen the signs when we first moved
here in 2004 but after the Catala was taken out and upkeep on the park
wasn't ongoing, the signs had not been replaced when washed away.

"Just responding to a question Susan Nett had regarding the Snowy PLOVER
(not snowy owl) signage at Damon Point. I didn't read where Dianna
answered the question; the snowy plover signs were last installed in 2004 at
the Oyhut Spit/Waste Water Treatment Facility spit. I am unable to find a
date when signs were last installed at Damon Point but it would have been
prior to 2004. The signs were only installed when snowy plover nest/s were
discovered, in an 'attempt' to minimize human disturbances to the nests and
nesting birds. Because snowy plovers have not nested at the Damon Point
area since 2005, installation and posting of the plover signage has ceased.

Susan Nett
Ocean Shores
docnett at hotmail dot com

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