[Tweeters] Black Phoebe Height above ground.

ray holden rayleeholden at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 22:53:28 PST 2013

Just a note if you are going Phoebe looking.  I talked to some birders the other day at the Hogum Bay ponds about where to look for the Black Phoebe-which wasn't present at the time.  They were looking way too high. The Phoebe pretty much stays at or below the tops of the shelters.  In fact the first time I ID'ed it, it was sitting on the roof of a shelter and is the highest I've seen it.  It has also been seen sitting on the backs of the benches which are around 3'.  So I think the normal zone around 3'-15'. Maybe a little more but not up where the Eagles live- more like the lower two thirds of the willows.  Feel free to comment if you have other experiences with it.  
Ray Holden
Olympia, WA

Life is for the birds.

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