[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2013-02-14

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Thu Feb 14 16:09:01 PST 2013

Tweets – the drizzle to start the day was a bit annoying, but it cleared up about a third of the way through our walk, leaving us with really a nice day. It’s February, and the birding isn’t always that exciting in February. But with the nice mild weather we’ve been having, things weren’t too bad.


Green-winged Teal 26 at Rowing Club pond
Greater Scaup One male in slough
Western Grebe One well out on lake
Northern Harrier One west of the slough
Virginia Rail Spontaneously singing along boardwalk
- one glimpsed. More heard east of East Meadow
Barn Owl I saw one briefly pre-dawn
Great Horned Owl Matt heard pre-dawn, west of the park entrance
Hairy Woodpecker One at south end of Dog Meadow
Northern Shrike One north of fields 7-8-9
WH.-THR. SPARROW Last bird of the day, Rowing Club parking lot
Red Crossbills Continue around mansion
American Goldfinch One at Park Office again

While we were at the Rowing Club, 20 GREAT BLUE HERONS took flight from the heronry (they’ve been hanging out at the nests, perhaps laying claim and pairing up – we haven’t seen much repair or nest building going on yet). Moments later, a juvenile BALD EAGLE flew by. The herons circled around for a while before returning to their posts.

Matt may have heard the screech of GREAT HORNED OWL babies, as well as the hoots of an adult. This is up the ravine, just west of the park entrance off West Lake Samm. Parkway.

There was a RIVER OTTER in the slough upstream of the Rowing Club dock, and a turtle (Red-eared Slider) hauled out at the Rowing Club pond. Matt also heard BEAVER pre-dawn in the slough.

For the day, a very respectable 58 species. For the year, adding WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, we’re up to 81 species.

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