[Tweeters] Nisqually NWR 2/13/13

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Wed Feb 13 19:22:45 PST 2013


Today 37 of us enjoyed a productive, if cold, walk at Nisqually. At least
it was dry and not too windy until we got out on the dike and estuary
boardwalk. We had a 15.0 high tide at 7:34 this morning so we had lots of mud
to look at.

Highlights continue to be the 2 baby GREAT HORNED OWLS along the Nisqually
side. they are moving around a bit more this week and appeared to have
some prey that they were playing with. The appear to be well fed and at
least one adult is always near the nest area. The nest tree is outside the
trail on the Nisqually side about 100 yards from the boardwalk to the twin
barns. If you stand between two benches toward the river you will see a large
tree with a big moss covered bole on the main trunk about 20 feet above
the ground. The nest hole is directly below this bole. Just look for the
crowd and you will find it. One of the adults was inside the boardwalk
opposite the nest tree keeping an eye on the owlets.

While water levels are still in the ponds waterfowl numbers continue to be
low. We did see several pair of HOODED MERGANSERS and good numbers of
SHOVELERS and PINTAIL but low numbers of other ducks. CANADA GEESE are
showing up in greater numbers and CACKLERS are decreasing in number.

We did have a four woodpecker day with a pair of DOWNEY WOODPECKERS, a
HAIRY WOODPECKER and a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER all in the area of the cross over
boardwalk to the twin barns. A FLICKER was seen near the parking lot near
the orchard.

CHICKADEE in several small mixed flocks.

For the day I saw 44 species which brings my total for the year to 72

Mammals seen were MUSKRAT behind the visitor center, a COYOTE near the
entrance road and a GRAY SQUIRREL in the picnic area near the twin barns.

Until next week when we do the monthly survey....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 @aol.com
Lacey, WA

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