[Tweeters] dogs, people & owls at Damon Point

susan nett docnett at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 13:01:25 PST 2013

We walk the point a couple times of week weather permitting. I am not a birder.

One thing I have noticed over the past several years is there are many dog owners who don’t give a .... who or what their dogs disturb or bother to clean up the .... their dogs leave. I have been jumped many times and almost always I get the blame from the dog owner for being in the dog’s path (sure I was – that’s why the dog went 50 yards out of its way to jump me???) . I have seen dogs at the end of the point with no owners in sight. I am not saying all dog owners are bad as there are some who do keep their dogs under control and pick up the droppings left.

It’s hard to deal with that kind of people – these are the same people who let their kids pet / dogs sniff the seal pups in the summer.

I think the “snowy owl zone” sign that was out at the point last year disappeared sometime during the summer. A larger effort sign campaign needs to be made to post signs at the parking areas by the park entrance as well as in the Marina parking lot. There used to be signs not to disturb the snowy plover areas in the spring; I haven’t seen them lately. I’m sure Dianna Moore can enlighten us more on all of this.

Susan Nett
Ocean Shores
docnett at hotmail dot com

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