[Tweeters] email cut offs

Jon Purnell and Sherrie Rogers jonnsher at wavecable.com
Wed Feb 13 06:27:42 PST 2013

FYI Tweeters with email cut offs

We received this posting from Tweeters administration..am not sure if he
posted to everyone that sent in email cutoff comments but I decided to share
it with everyone since folks are still requesting info. See below.

Jon and Sherie

jonnsher at wavecable.com

Hi Sherrie and John,

This is a problem that comes up irregularly with some subscribers. There is
really nothing to do about it other than trying a different e-mail client
than whatever one you are using now. Here is an explanation from the UW Tech
team that supports the Tweeters listserv:


Subject: Receiving incomplete digests

This happens once in a while due to different email clients. Usually the
scenario is that someone sends a message to the list through their email
client (be it Outlook, Thunderbird, or a web client like Yahoo) which
includes a strange character (maybe the person put in a smiley face icon, or
something like that) and then for some of the people receiving the message,
their email client won't know what to do with that strange symbol (this will
happen even in plain text mode) and so just stops displaying any text that
follows it.

The problem is idiosyncratic because it just depends on the particular email
clients and the happenstance of these strange characters. It doesn't have
anything to do with Mailman or anything within our control, unfortunately.

Our advice for messages that don't come through properly is to go to the
list archives and read the messages from there, or to see about using a
different email client, if possible.

The list archives are located at the following URL:


You may also see the postings at the ABA website:


Sorry there's no simple fix.

(Response from UDub Computing & Communications)


Hal Opperman (pinch hitting for Dan Victor)
tweeters-owner at mailman1.u.washington.edu

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