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I read this and was sort of in agreement and dismayed all boiled up together. I have been a birder for over 25 years and have seen how some people let their dogs run everywhere. They have not concern with the things around themselves . I have seen people who post here on tweeters, feel they are the exception to the rule of keeping distance in order to photograph a rare bird. I try always to be careful to not encroach in order to get a better look at an interesting bird. I have in the past 2 years become a dog person and often have a dog with me when I am out birding. I keep my dog on a leash and to date, this has not ever been  an issue. I also am a photographer ( not professional, by any stretch ) who likes to take pictures of birds, among other things of interest. I have felt the snobbishness of some in my birding community since I have added a dog to the scene. Please make sure you look at the person, their behavior before you feel the need to lie about what discoveries you have found. Seems a bit on the uppity side to me. I love the fact that so many people enjoy the wildlife around us. I always appreciated the people who were gracious and helpful as I was learning to appreciate birds and not judgmental as I was not the premier expert.


Happily birding,

Beth Thompson

Arlington, WA

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I have to say concerning photographers that it is usually the ones who are not birders, that stress the birds. They don't have the patience to sit and wait.  
  When I have seen the stalking behavior of these people, I find they know nothing about birds. If someone is a birder, naturalist, conservationist FIRST, it is a much different story.  Time and again,  I have told others the birds are exhausted, but it has little affect.  
  Regular hikers and dog owners are a huge issue for these birds.  Last week at Damon Point, there were huskies running loose with owners. When I got out to where the owls were the footprints were all over the place. I would love a leash law where the land opens up.  As I was walking back to my car from spending time with my only subject, I did encounter a couple with binos and a large mixed breed dog.  They asked where the birds were. Okay, I have to confess, I LIED.  

Vicki Biltz
Bonney Lake WA
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