[Tweeters] Redpolls LHG-Bellevue this morning

Pterodroma at aol.com Pterodroma at aol.com
Tue Feb 12 11:47:09 PST 2013

Redpolls still present at the Larsen Lake locations in the Lake Hills
Greenbelt (LHG), Bellevue, at least up until 0900hrs, but seemingly unsettled,
nervous, erratic, and at times broken up in to smaller subgroups. The one
or two resident Sharp-shinned Hawks buzzing around may be partly
responsible and maybe the Merlin too. I only saw 7 Common Redpolls at the 10-tree
birch grove SE side of Larsen Lake as I was leaving for all of maybe 5
minutes before they flew off to the east while other early morning redpoll
chasers noted perhaps 20, maybe up to 30 at both locations, generally
unsatisfactorily brief in addition to poor light, birds near the tree tops and a
bright gray skies everywhere to gaze into, so pretty lousy for hopeful Hoary
hunting. Viewing was sporadic with long lapses between showings which means
I guess they have, not surprisingly, found some other birches to their
liking either in the greenbelt or out in the nearby surrounding neighborhood
to feed in as well. Still, the two Larsen Lake spots as previous described
(NE and SE birches) continue to be worth watching but just may require more
patience and perseverance. Hopefully, things suddenly perked up after I
left the redpoll area at ~0900hrs.

Other worthy notables were my first Cedar Waxings (5) since October, and a
first ever (for me at least at LHG), a Beaver was swimming around in
Larsen Lake, .....Or as Michael Hobbs mused, "Nice ...until it starts chopping
down the Redpoll trees" :-))

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
Pterodroma AT aol.com

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