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I visited Damon Point back on MLK Day and had a mixed experience watching
photographers of many levels of experience. I wrote up an article (plus a
photo album) about the day with some "tips" for photographers here:


Tom Talbott
Seattle, WA

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 9:01 AM, viper.bob at frontier.com <
viper.bob at frontier.com> wrote:

> Thank you Vicky! You are so right. As a photographer (and naturalist and

> birder) I have seen exactly the same thing over and over. Irresponsible dog

> owners are high on my list followed by uninformed "photographers" when it

> comes to disturbing owls and other wildlife. Confronting dog owners is like

> p.....ing in the wind. I have watched "photographers" stalk snowy owls one

> after another until they fly, getting only "butt shots" as the owl flies

> away. I am often ashamed to be in the same location as some "photographers"

> because I find myself lumped into that category. I have gotten my best

> snowy owl images, both flying and perched, by finding the right location

> and then staying there - sometimes for hours. Check out some of my images

> from Damon Point last year showing very intimate interactions between owls

> and you will see that my presence was a non-factor in their behavior.

> I am afraid that there is no simple answer to this issue.

> Bob Kothenbeutel

> Woodinville, WA

> viper.bob at frontier.com

> website: www.rlkimages.photoshelter.com


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