[Tweeters] RE: Owls and people at Damon Point

viper.bob at frontier.com viper.bob at frontier.com
Tue Feb 12 09:01:41 PST 2013

Thank you Vicky! You are so right. As a photographer (and naturalist and birder) I have seen exactly the same thing over and over. Irresponsible dog owners are high on my list followed by uninformed "photographers" when it comes to disturbing owls and other wildlife. Confronting dog owners is like p.....ing in the wind. I have watched "photographers" stalk snowy owls one after another until they fly, getting only "butt shots" as the owl flies away. I am often ashamed to be in the same location as some "photographers" because I find myself lumped into that category. I have gotten my best snowy owl images, both flying and perched, by finding the right location and then staying there - sometimes for hours. Check out some of my images from Damon Point last year showing very intimate interactions between owls and you will see that my presence was a non-factor in their behavior.
I am afraid that there is no simple answer to this issue.
Bob Kothenbeutel
Woodinville, WA
viper.bob at frontier.com
website: www.rlkimages.photoshelter.com

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