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There is a trip under the auspices of the UW Botanic Gardens led by Director Sarah Reichard that will (hopefully) be going out this June. While the focus will be a bit more on botany than birds, I can assure you that birds and other natural sciences will not be neglected.

See http://depts.washington.edu/uwbg/docs/EcuadorTour2013.pdf and note that the cut-off date for signing up has been extended, but you’d need to do so soon.
My wife and I are signed up.
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My wife and I, for two, are also interested in birding the Galapagos. I am sure we are not alone. So, if those of you who have experience with the Galapagos could reply to all of Tweeters, it would be most helpful to my wife and me.

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Hey, Tweeters -

I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning my honeymoon in Ecuador next February (2014), at least a week of which we plan to spend on an expedition cruise in the Galapagos. I've had several suggestions for companies/boats to look into (mostly from my co-workers and colleagues in the travel industry), but I thought I'd survey my trusted friends in Tweeterland since many of my colleagues and co-workers don't really understand what it's like to be a birder.

I'm looking for something small and intimate with a committed focus on natural history. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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