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My wife and I did a three part trp to Ecuador with Wilderness Travel in July 2009 (Amazon basin, Ecuadorian Highlands above Quito, and ending it with an 8 day trip to "Las Islas"). Each leg of our trip we booked separately to suit our needs and interests. The last 8 days was spent on a 216 foot, 3-masted Barquentine. This was actually offered as 2 separate mini-trips......the first 4 days being to the eastern islands and the 2nd part of the trip traveled to the western Islands (Isabela & Fernandina). There were perhaps 6-8 other passengers with us during each leg ( mid-way, there was some change in fellow travlers in Puerto Aroya (on Santa Cruz)). If you want more specifics, e-mail me privately I will send you my notes. One regret was not getting all the way north to Genovesa (aka: Tower Island, to see the Red-footed boobies. I was there in 1987, but today, not many tour companys make the long journey north)


Eric Kowalczyk

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Hey, Tweeters -

I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning my honeymoon in Ecuador next February (2014), at least a week of which we plan to spend on an expedition cruise in the Galapagos. I've had several suggestions for companies/boats to look into (mostly from my co-workers and colleagues in the travel industry), but I thought I'd survey my trusted friends in Tweeterland since many of my colleagues and co-workers don't really understand what it's like to be a birder.

I'm looking for something small and intimate with a committed focus on natural history. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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