[Tweeters] Re: Snowy Owls and people at Damon Point

Susan Littlefield susan.littlefield at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 16:11:57 PST 2013

Gary, I saw your post about the disturbances and flushing at Damon Point,
and have to say that we saw the same behavior last year. There were signs
posted, I believe, about respecting the birds, but that wasn't enough to
keep the photographers from creeping out as close as they could possibly

Personally, I believe it's my responsibility as a bird-lover and advocate
to try to educate those who disturb the birds. We've already seen that the
birds that have reached our area are often near-starving, and we know that
these irruptions are likely a result of limited food resources. Forcing
these birds to expend their energy when they need to rest is simply not
healthy. I doubt very much that the photographers who want to capture the
perfect shot have any idea that they're causing real trouble for these
birds. A few words may do a world of good.

I hope others will join me in speaking to strangers in a respectful but
stern way about the importance of letting the Snowies have their peace. It
won't always work, but it will allow others to learn a little more about
the birds and then make an informed decision. And if they choose to disturb
the birds anyway, well, no one can blame us if we get our talons out. ;)

Susan Littlefield
Renton, WA
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