[Tweeters] Eurasian Collared-Dove Digiscope pics

casper4x4 at comcast.net casper4x4 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 11 15:19:46 PST 2013

This afternoon I saw 6 dove looking birds in the top of a young fir in a neighborhood in Olympia north of St Pete's hospital. After looking at them with my binoculars, I was intrigued enough to pull out my spotting scope. My first thought is Eurasian Collared-Dove. I've seen them with my parents (avid bird watchers who live in Chattanooga, TN), but am unaware how rarely they are seen this far north west. I didn't see anything else that looked similar in Peterson's "Western Birds" and the Seattle Audubon Society's website says several hundred have been recorded in Washington since 2005. SAS also says they're invasive so my sighting of 6 may not be reason for celebration.

So what say ye?


Blake & Janelle Wilkerson
Tumwater, WA
casper4x4 at comcast.net

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