[Tweeters] Alki Loon

Tina Klein-Lebbink t.kleinlebbink at comcast.net
Sun Feb 10 21:45:05 PST 2013

While having coffee today at the Tully's down on Alki Beach I was
checking out birds with my binoculars. I noticed what I assumed was a
Pacific loon, then I had a harder squint at it and noticed it's head
seemed a little blocker looking, it was holding it's bill more raised
like a red-troated and I saw a white flank patch. It was too far away
for me to tell if perhaps it was preening, which is why the flanks were
exposed, or if my impressions of a possible arctic loon could possibly
be correct. I abandoned my friends and scampered back to my car for my
scope, but could not relocate the bird. If people are in that
neighborhood birding please keep a watch out for this bird.

Tina Klein-Lebbink
Bellevue, Wa

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