[Tweeters] Kent Ponds 2-9 SEOW

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Sun Feb 10 19:57:15 PST 2013

Yesterday at Kent ponds there was a male short eared owl on a central snag. Crows began to dive bomb him so he soared over a thousand feet up to escape them. Later he landed on a stump in the northwest area of the park nearest the road. The crows further harassed him so he went into the trees. It was such a treat to watch this owl for over an hour. I have never seen one at this site before. Other raptors included two bald eagles, three redtails including a dark morph, two harriers, a cooper and a kestrel. Overall it was a fun day at a nice birding location.

Brent Carlson
Renton, WA

Bcumich at yahoo dot com

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