[Tweeters] Tualatin River NWR

Jack Nolan jacknolan62 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 10 19:37:15 PST 2013

I took my daughter back to college this weekend. I had read about the
owls at Nisqually NWR and thought I might stop there on the way back.
But I passed Tualatin and I thought it would be fun to visit "new

It was pretty busy with families and Boy Scouts. As I headed down the
trail I asked a Gent with a scope what he had seen. He told me about a
Black Phoebe at the first pond, and the Blue Birds "in the Oaks." I had
been told about a Screech Owl by the attendant inside and that made
three new birds for me, so I was excited for my walk.

I saw the Phoebe right away. It was hanging on the far side of the pond
going after bugs, along with a Yellow Rumped Warbler. I would have
missed the Owl completely had a nice woman not stopped to show me
exactly where it was. A fairly nondescript ball of feathers is what it
resembled, but it was early afternoon. On the way back I was wondering
about the Blue Birds when three or four of them appeared and perched on
top of some young pines. They were easy to identify and their colors
where quite bright.

I noticed several of the bird species (there were many more) in bright
colors this weekend. Hard to imagine S- - - -G is close, especially
after the pictures I saw of Boston!

jacknolan62 at comcast.net

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