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Anna's do make a chirp sound but it is the male doing a courtship dive
flight. He drops down vertically a fast speeds and then right above the
female he changes direction moving horizontally. This quick change in
direction produces a sounds from the air going through the tail feathers. Is
is possble a male was doing dives right next to the female?

Here's more from Cornell's website

The dive display of the Anna's Hummingbird lasts about 12 seconds, and the
male may fly to a height of 40 m (131 feet) during the display. He starts by
hovering two to four meters (6-13 feet) in front of the display object
(hummingbird or person), and then climbs in a wavering fashion straight up.
He plummets in a near-vertical dive from the top of the climb and ends with
an explosive squeak within half a meter of the display object. He then makes
a circular arc back to the point where he began. On sunny days the dives are
oriented so that the sun is reflected from the iridescent throat and crown
directly at the object of the dive.

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I am not really very good at describing sounds.

We have 2 nesting Anna's.

One is easy to locate because her sound is so unique.

It is chirp/tweet followed by a guttural humph (like a tiny Raven).

Common, Sick or something else?



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