[Tweeters] Nisqually Great Horned Owl nest.

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Wow thanks Ray for the information and great directions. I tried to photograph the chicks last year and it just did not work out. I guess I will be amongst the throngs of cameras and scopes tomorrow, if you see me be sure to say hello!

Thank you also to all the folks that gave me info on Fir Island, had a nice day Friday.



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The great horned owl nest at Nisqually is really easy to find this year. At 11:30 Saturday two adorable owl chicks were outside just below and to the left of the nest hole huddled together posing for pictures. To find the nest: Take the boardwalk that begins at the upper parking lot. When you get to the riverine fork, cross over to the gravel road that runs parallel to the boardwalk. There are two benches. After you pass the first you can see the second one down the trail toward the river overlook. The nest is on the river side about halfway between the two benches. It's a big tree that has a big moss-covered burrell with a round hole right in the middle, almost like a target, about 20 ft or so up and maybe 50ft back in the woods from the trail. I'm not very good estimating distances. The view is unobstructed and nothing else looks like it. However since it's supposed to be dry tomorrow the biggest clue will probably be a crowd of cameras and scopes. Last winter's nest was disappointing from a viewing standpoint because they closed off part of the boardwalk but this year it couldn't be better. Happy owling.

Ray Holden
Olympia, WA

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