[Tweeters] Gyrfalcon observed in Columbia National Wildlife Refuge

Ivar Husa ivar at pocketinet.com
Sat Feb 9 11:39:01 PST 2013

Laurie Ness identified a gray-morph gyrfalcon in the Columbia National
Wildlife Refuge, near Othello, WA on Friday afternoon, 8FEB2013. I had the
privilege of capturing the bird 'on film' (as it were). The site was a pond
north of Othello, along W McManomon RD, about 4 miles north of the
intersection with SR 26. The road drops down a slope to a cattle operation.
The bird was observed perched on a power pole near ponds next to the road.
We witnessed an unsuccessful attack on a duck. There were many waterfowl in
the area.

An accurate measurement of the distance to the bird, plus other information
about the photograph, enabled me to determine the overall length of the
falcon as 27" (trig). The great size suggests it was a female.

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