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Fri Feb 8 08:56:39 PST 2013

Hi Tweets,

Sorry to the delayed posting. I had encountered some posting issues.

I went last weekend to Vancouver BC. On Saturday morning I arrived at the
Queen's Park at New Westminster about 10:30am. A few birders were there at
the NW corner of the parking lot located at the 1st and 4th st entrance.
The bird was moving a lot. It seemed to stay and fly low (within 3 feet
from the ground) and land on the root of big trees like a Brown Creeper.
The lighting condition was bad due to fog and heavily treed. With patience,
you will find it.

At the nearby Burnaby Lake park, I did not locate the White-winged
Crossbill but instead found 2 Common Redpolls among a group of Pine Siskens.

I also went to the Reifel Bird sanctuary nearby. It has two Saw-Whet Owls
near the trail. I got them.

Nearby Boundary Bay has Long-eared Owl in the small trees near the 72nd St
parking lot by the fence on the Golf course side, Short-Eared Owl between
the Dyke Trail and the water, and at least 4 Snowy Owls there also. Near
the 72nd entrance, there is a very nice Birds of Pray rescue center called
Owl. A dark eagle perched on top of a pole nearby, the staff there told me
it is a Golden Eagle. I am not too sure of it. If you could identify it
from the photo below, let me know.

On Sunday I went to the Brambling site (868 W 17th AVe, Vancouver, BC) at
9:00am. The best view is from back of an ally. It was such a dream came
true because once I arrived at the back side of the house, I saw the bird
immediately on a large bush. The owner talked to me for a while. She said
the most reliable sighting is between 8:00am to 9:30am. The bird seemed to
eat the new growth on the bush not from the feeder. My photo below showed a
twig inside the bird's bill and another with a piece of leaf. It stayed
inside the bush a lot. She also said the bird seemed to be gone all day
after morning feeding.

I obtained some nice photos from all these birds:

Good birding,

Qinglin Ma
Kirkland, WA
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